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16. Weekend Musings

Here’s a Facebook status update of mine from tonight that started as just two lines, and ended up using as many words that rhyme with ‘new’ as I could.

A truly glorious weekend just needed a cryptic poetic summary. Go figure.

Currently working on a big new blog post on the topic of ‘musical dating’. Coming soon, I promise!

Something old, something new,

Wasting an hour in the Tiger queue,

Drew a few extra breaths, then cleaned up the residue,

Made it through with very little revenue,

So in review, this weekend hitherto,

Awoke anew,

Faith in what I should pursue,

Don’t worry about the silly little hole in your shoe,

You can scream about it till your face turns blue,

Just hold on true to the faithful few,

The awesome crew at Murray’s birthday ‘do,

Laughs we shared, beer and cupcakes too,

And to You-Know-Who,

The one with the room with a view,

Perfect timing, you arrived right on cue

Don't we all?