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1. The Eagle Has Landed

Welcome to my new blog, ‘The Eagle’s Nest’, and thank you for taking the time to pay it a visit. I hope that through this blog there can a shared sense of learning and discussion about music, in its variety of different forms.

I myself confess to being a music addict. Screw the idea of just ‘liking’ it – music consumes and filters through every part of me, and helps make my existence here on Earth a more beautiful and exciting one than if it weren’t here. It’s because of this addiction to the ‘soundtrack of life’ that I decided to start this blog.

Prompted by an ever-increasing amount of opinions in my head and nowhere to put them (except to close friends and family, who either begrudgingly bear with me or actively engage in discussion with an obsessive lunatic), and a few recommendations, such as ‘you should really write for a music magazine’ and ‘you should do a blog about music’, this blog slowly formed into shape. A shape that is still a little rough around the edges, both in style and appearance (I have much to learn about tampering with these WordPress settings. All in good time!).

My goal here is to use this blog as a sounding board for my opinions on music, whether they are:

  • reviews of the latest albums of artists that I’m interested in
  • reviews (and in a sense, recommendations) of artists and/or songs that I think you should have a listen to.
  • song ideas/poetry/random lyrical ideas
  • on the music industry as a whole
  • the feelings and emotions that music can invoke (this can be quite a broad section, and one where I hope that you as the reader can contribute as well)

Over time, I’ll try to give you a little insight into who I am and what role music played and still plays in making me that person. I don’t want to have to do that all in this first post, so for now, it’s a case of just taking off on a journey and not knowing where we are going…

One last thing: the reason I chose to call this blog ‘The Eagle’s Nest’ is because firstly, I love eagles, especially the Golden Eagle (as seen in my avatar), and secondly, because I hope it will become a ‘nest’ where one can go to get one’s musical ‘nourishment’. 😉

Peace out,