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15. Bumper Poetry Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any poetry or lyrics, so I thought I’d wade through my journals and pick up some unpublished efforts of mine. I also wrote something yesterday, called ‘Truth (Not) Be Told’, inspired by listening to Keane’s debut album Hopes And Fears.


Sleeping Beauty

My eyes open,

A dark silhouette they see

With moonlight cascading over her

Lies my sleeping beauty


Lost in her dreams,

So peaceful and serene,

Her hair splayed out over the pillow

And her arms in between


The wind blows through the curtains,

Bringing in a salty wind,

But it doesn’t awaken my lover

With whom my heartbeat is twinned


In the last of my days, I will fondly remember this night

Ordinary, though crowned by one heavenly sight

Sleeping beauty, rest easy, for the day is nearly dawning

And your smile won’t be the only thing

Shining in the morning


My Heart Lies On The Tip Of My Tongue

My heart lies on the tip of my tongue

My mouth opens and it can be seen by everyone

Whether feelings are happy, fearful or morose

Others hear what I should sometimes hold close

Memories flow and stories are knit

From right where my tastebuds do sit

Forget about in the chest or upon the sleeve

My heart lies on the tip of my tongue

And it will never leave


Til Death Do Us Apart

Oh, music: my mistress, lover and friend

Til death do us apart, until the very end

Upon your sweet kisses does my life depend

Sew my heart together and help it mend

Feed me the highs and balance out the lows

Take me to places that no one else knows

I’m forever yours, together we shall be

From cradle to the grave, and for eternity


Truth (Not) Be Told

If I don’t say these words now,

I’ll probably never say them,

There’ll be debts in my heart,

And I’ll just never repay them


The truth will cut like a blade,

Not smooth, more jagged,

If she hears how I really feel,

The news would leave her ragged


So I wait in vain,

For the right moment to come,

Where we can continue being two

Instead of just one


The moment arrives,

Soon after the day of her birth,

After I’d shown her how much to me

She supposedly was worth


In each other’s arms

Tears stream down her face,

I stay resolute,

Because I’m one step ahead in this race


We agree that circumstances

Have now pulled us apart,

In my mind, it was something

Right from the very start


Consoled by my touch,

She’s absolved of any guilt,

Our house of cards has tumbled down,

The one that we built


The timing was perfect,

It couldn’t have turned out better,

I could’ve signaled the end,

But instead I let her


So we say our last goodbyes

To a relationship long in the tooth,

Her conscience is clear,

But mine’s haunted by the truth