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19. The Past, The Present and The Possible

The Past, The Present and The Possible

The Past, the Present and the Possible

Are at war with my senses,

It forces me to look at them

With different coloured lenses


The Past refuses to rest

In her ever-shallow grave,

Sometimes it’s my own doing,

Lately it’s how she chooses to behave,

Through hypocrisy, she wants to revise our whole existence,

A 180 degree turn on her word,

And that’s what doesn’t make sense,

But she can live in her cocoon

With her feeble moon,

It’s not like I’m going to see her

Anytime soon,

Shovel in hand, I’ll dig her hole a little deeper,

More than six feet,

Because I’m quite a light sleeper


The Present presents me with a thought to ponder:

Are we fond, or something a little fonder?

My vocals came in late

For this new discussion,

Probably because I was busy

Playing guitar, bass and percussion,

For this reason, the Present must be left behind,

I need someone to stimulate my body

But most importantly, my mind


Usually I’ve thought the Possible

Would be really hard to find,

But then I realized that I’ve done all the paperwork

And it just needed to be signed,

The attack of the butterflies was swift and heady,

For the first time in a while,

My heart felt needy,

I looked at the Possible with the newest of eyes,

So difficult now to keep my love in disguise,

I hope that our fates may soon align

And join us up like a suture,

So the Present can become the Past,

And the Possible become the Future


16. Weekend Musings

Here’s a Facebook status update of mine from tonight that started as just two lines, and ended up using as many words that rhyme with ‘new’ as I could.

A truly glorious weekend just needed a cryptic poetic summary. Go figure.

Currently working on a big new blog post on the topic of ‘musical dating’. Coming soon, I promise!

Something old, something new,

Wasting an hour in the Tiger queue,

Drew a few extra breaths, then cleaned up the residue,

Made it through with very little revenue,

So in review, this weekend hitherto,

Awoke anew,

Faith in what I should pursue,

Don’t worry about the silly little hole in your shoe,

You can scream about it till your face turns blue,

Just hold on true to the faithful few,

The awesome crew at Murray’s birthday ‘do,

Laughs we shared, beer and cupcakes too,

And to You-Know-Who,

The one with the room with a view,

Perfect timing, you arrived right on cue

Don't we all?

15. Bumper Poetry Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any poetry or lyrics, so I thought I’d wade through my journals and pick up some unpublished efforts of mine. I also wrote something yesterday, called ‘Truth (Not) Be Told’, inspired by listening to Keane’s debut album Hopes And Fears.


Sleeping Beauty

My eyes open,

A dark silhouette they see

With moonlight cascading over her

Lies my sleeping beauty


Lost in her dreams,

So peaceful and serene,

Her hair splayed out over the pillow

And her arms in between


The wind blows through the curtains,

Bringing in a salty wind,

But it doesn’t awaken my lover

With whom my heartbeat is twinned


In the last of my days, I will fondly remember this night

Ordinary, though crowned by one heavenly sight

Sleeping beauty, rest easy, for the day is nearly dawning

And your smile won’t be the only thing

Shining in the morning


My Heart Lies On The Tip Of My Tongue

My heart lies on the tip of my tongue

My mouth opens and it can be seen by everyone

Whether feelings are happy, fearful or morose

Others hear what I should sometimes hold close

Memories flow and stories are knit

From right where my tastebuds do sit

Forget about in the chest or upon the sleeve

My heart lies on the tip of my tongue

And it will never leave


Til Death Do Us Apart

Oh, music: my mistress, lover and friend

Til death do us apart, until the very end

Upon your sweet kisses does my life depend

Sew my heart together and help it mend

Feed me the highs and balance out the lows

Take me to places that no one else knows

I’m forever yours, together we shall be

From cradle to the grave, and for eternity


Truth (Not) Be Told

If I don’t say these words now,

I’ll probably never say them,

There’ll be debts in my heart,

And I’ll just never repay them


The truth will cut like a blade,

Not smooth, more jagged,

If she hears how I really feel,

The news would leave her ragged


So I wait in vain,

For the right moment to come,

Where we can continue being two

Instead of just one


The moment arrives,

Soon after the day of her birth,

After I’d shown her how much to me

She supposedly was worth


In each other’s arms

Tears stream down her face,

I stay resolute,

Because I’m one step ahead in this race


We agree that circumstances

Have now pulled us apart,

In my mind, it was something

Right from the very start


Consoled by my touch,

She’s absolved of any guilt,

Our house of cards has tumbled down,

The one that we built


The timing was perfect,

It couldn’t have turned out better,

I could’ve signaled the end,

But instead I let her


So we say our last goodbyes

To a relationship long in the tooth,

Her conscience is clear,

But mine’s haunted by the truth

6. ‘Cyclical Love’

Early on this week, I cooked up this poem in about 45 minutes. I’ll let it speak for itself…

Enjoy the feast!

Cyclical Love

The sticky warm nights,

As bright as the days,

Look out over the endless horizon

And bake in that haze


Early on, we met at a beach party,

She wore that red dress,

I had just found a new job,

Pungent with success


Our mouths spoke less

Than all other body parts,

Those swims we shared in the pool,

Most hedonistic of starts


Free and wild,

The desire I’ll never forget,

We took a gamble on love

And I placed the first bet


Something so right

Should have stamina to last,

Doesn’t matter if it burns slow,

Or if it burns fast


In the mornings when I awoke,

I could feel her in the air,

From inside my skull

Through the roots of my hair


Time was so precious,

Spent every moment together,

She left her mark on me

Like being whipped with leather


You could see it on my face,

A joy that I could not hide,

I could feel it on my skin,

It flowed on my inside


But soon we started

To see less of each other,

She started to feel more like a friend

And less like a lover


On the weekends we’d passionately make up

For time that we’d lost,

Keep the fire burning

At whatever the cost


Then as nights grew longer

And days grew shorter,

I knew I had to say goodbye

To Mother Nature’s young daughter


She soon brushed aside my advances

Like dirt off her shoulder,

Our love lost its spark

As the temperature got colder


We were bound together

In a symphonic harmony,

But our distance grew greater

With each dropping degree


Her icy older sister arrived one day,

She chose to move out,

Heat of affection blown off in the wind,

Left me stricken, in a loveless drought


Life was not the same

After she decided to leave,

There was a deep sense of loss,

A weight of yearning I had to heave


In the mornings when I awake now,

I force on another jacket,

Seize the day by its throat

Because I’d rather attack it


Step out into the chill,

These days are so dark,

It looks like I’ve come

To the end of my story’s arc


Your sister is a mean bitch,

Oh, what a bummer,

I will still love you

When I see you again…Summer

Influences: Common – ‘I Used To Love H.E.R.’, Death Cab For Cutie – ‘Summer Skin’, Example – ‘Watch The Sun Come Up’

4. ‘Only Way Out’

A little under two weeks ago, a close friend of mine’s friend (i.e. I do not know him) attempted suicide. It was very difficult for my friend to handle that heartache and trauma, but thankfully, the guy survived the ordeal…

Out of this situation, I got a spark of creative energy and decided to write something on the topic. Originally, I wanted this to be a song, but I think it works better as a poem/dialogue. I definitely found it difficult to write emotionally, as I got very absorbed into the characters’ respective mindsets.

Please note that this story is entirely fictional, and not based on any actual people or events:


Only Way Out

It’s Wednesday night, and I’m chilling at my place,

All alone doing work; well, that’s just the case

For a man as busy as me, so quite honestly

Tonight was no different than the last three


Some say that the night is darkest before the dawn,

I’m heading for a late one, and I let out a yawn

Then suddenly my cell starts to vibrate and ring,

It’s Jethro on the line, this isn’t anything

To worry about; he’s my buddy, we can talk

So I answer the phone as I get up for a walk


“Heyyyy, what’s up bro?” I greet my friend

But a voice so quiet responds on the other end


“A lot, man, I’m feeling pretty shit,

Do you mind if I talk with you for a bit?”

I think nothing of this, been through it with him before

He’d either call me in a panic, or just show up at my front door


“Lately, it feels like I can’t take it anymore

I thought I had a purpose in this life, but now I’m not so sure

This damn job, breaking up with Sarah, I’m so lost and beaten

Look at all these pills; I’ve forgotten how many I’ve eaten”

Chills begin to run up and down my spine,

He’s felt depressed before, but always turned out fine,

But these ramblings are from someone at the end of his line

God, I hope he’s not mixing those with wine


“Listen, Jet, don’t worry man, it’ll all be okay,

Sometimes people just have a bad day,

I know what it’s like; I’ve also been working hard,

And leaving Katie last year left my heart a little scarred

Chill out, I’m here for you, you know that’s true

Tim, Paul and Chris: all of them are too”


I pause to listen and wait for a response,

But Jet starts crying, babbling like he’s in a séance,

This time must be different; he’s never told me that he used pills

Fear floods my veins, a mutation of those chills


“Jet, stop, this isn’t the only way out”


“You don’t even know what the hell I’m talking about”

Out of his mouth then comes a venom of hate and pain,

From a man that already feels like he’s circling the drain,


“I’m locked into this job that I hate, and it’s my only hope,

It’s too much stress there at the office; it’s a slippery slope

Sarah cheated on me, with Ryan DuPont no less,

The fact that they’re engaged now has left me in a mess

You guys say you’re there for me, I doubt you really are,

You blow off my games nights and would rather hang at a bar,

We’ve got different interests, and I try accommodating yours,

It’s not easy standing there alone, whilst your lips are on some whore’s

You guys are my only real friends, the one’s I can trust,

But you only hang out with me because you feel like you must”

His words were heaped on me like a ton of bricks

There’s so much in our friendship that I need to fix


“I’m so sorry dude; I didn’t realize that you were hurting

If I had known this before, I’d have changed for certain”


“It’s easy for you to say that now, when I’m at wit’s end,

But when the storm clouds come over, you’re my fair-weather friend”

He then takes a sip of whatever he is drinking,

Swallows deeply, along with a few more pills, I’m thinking

I haven’t got enough time to come up with a defense,

This guy is suicidal and needs to hear some common sense,

When I was young, no one taught me how to handle this shit,

To hold someone’s mind together, when it’s breaking off bit-by-bit

And now he’s holding me responsible for the heartache and strife,

I’ve got to say something to save this guy’s life


I open my mouth to speak, but I hear the phone on the other side drop,


There are sounds of smashing cutlery, all his plates and dishes,

Symbolic of the failures of his life’s greatest wishes,

The screams in the background are of a soul that’s deranged,

Too late for by any normal means to be changed,


I rush out of my front door before he meets certain doom


On my way there, it’s the hospital that I’m calling,

I’m so frightened that my car keeps stalling,

Driving as fast as my little Corolla can allow,

Please Lord, let it not be now,


I arrive at his apartment building to the sound of sirens,

Across the parking lot, another car pulls in: his brother Tyrone’s

He came as quick as he could when I told him the news,

That Jet was gambling with his life, and was sure to lose

Now it doesn’t matter whether his reasons are good enough,

People like him are sensitive, minor setbacks are tough,


We bound up the stairwell, too fast to say a word,

Stop at the fifth floor, his flat is the third

One, and out of his pocket, Tyrone pulls the spare keys,

The tension is making me weak at the knees


Gate swings wide, and lock clicks open,

‘Is he okay, is he alive?’ I’m just hoping

For the best, as we enter his place of dwelling

Some lights are on; where he is though, there’s no telling


We survey the trail of glass and debris,

And slumped in the corner, a horrific sight we see

There he is, lying against a chair,

Blood dribbling out his mouth and vomit in his hair,

Clutched in his hand, his last message to the world,

On a scrap piece of paper, it was scrawled:


“I wish I had never been born at all,

I’m close to edge, and I’m going to fall,

There’s nothing more for me to care about,

So this has to be the only way out”

Influences: Eminem – ‘Stan’, Immortal Technique – ‘You Never Know’ and ‘Dance With The Devil’