21. New Website, New Horizons

The hiatus is over, and from 2013 onwards, The Eagle’s Nest will be a full-time venture of mine. After recently graduating in December 2012 from the University of Cape Town with an Honours degree in Quantity Surveying, I was faced with a very important life decision – do I continue my current career path to becoming a professional QS, or do I harness and direct the passion I have for writing and journalism into a new career path?

I had clearly come to a...

I had clearly come to a…

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but the support and encouragement from family and friends has given me the confidence to realise my journalistic dream, and to devote all my efforts to it for the time being. Thus, I have kicked into action and made steps towards making my outlet for creative work a more professional one.

The Eagle’s Nest will now be found at http://www.theeaglesnestza.com. At the time of writing, the site is still being developed, but it will finally resemble the look and vision that I had for this blog in the first place. In addition, it will be an online portfolio for my work, which from now on will hopefully include interviews, assignments and other journalism pieces. Therefore, this WordPress site, and the articles it contains, will become a permanent archive which you as the reader can always refer back to. It’s time to move on to bigger things…

The new Eagle’s Nest will still have a blog element (tentatively titled ‘The Hatchery’), where I will communicate ideas, plans and other admin-related things. Otherwise, you can expect a more streamlined experience with frequent updates, as I complete the transition from part-time passion to full-time business endeavour.

Hatching time

The new site will still have a blog section – ‘The Hatchery’

As a music journalist, I write with the intention to be factual, interesting, but most importantly: useful.  I know that as a fervent fan of music, that’s the sort of journalism I want to consume. I want to see that constructive style become a standard in the industry, and I want to play my own part in making that vision a reality. In shifting my focus from just a personal blog to an online portfolio, I hope to be able to network with relevant players from the music and journalism industries and forge mutually beneficial business models, where the music itself is the ultimate winner. This field of music journalism is far bigger than me and The Eagle’s Nest, and I don’t have all the required connections to make it happen. To this end, any advice, referrals or suggestions would be much appreciated at this next stage of The Eagle’s Nest.

Help me take this dream forward; let’s give it some wings.

Yours in music,


Just soarin’

P.S. My new email address is kurt@theeaglesnestza.com, or you can find me on Twitter under @EaglesNestZA.

P.P.S. For those wondering why I chose ‘theeaglesnestza.com’ – it was the best domain name available (eagles and nests are apparently quite popular in the domain name business). The ‘za’ represents my South African heritage; the ‘.com’ my international ambitions!


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