19. The Past, The Present and The Possible

The Past, The Present and The Possible

The Past, the Present and the Possible

Are at war with my senses,

It forces me to look at them

With different coloured lenses


The Past refuses to rest

In her ever-shallow grave,

Sometimes it’s my own doing,

Lately it’s how she chooses to behave,

Through hypocrisy, she wants to revise our whole existence,

A 180 degree turn on her word,

And that’s what doesn’t make sense,

But she can live in her cocoon

With her feeble moon,

It’s not like I’m going to see her

Anytime soon,

Shovel in hand, I’ll dig her hole a little deeper,

More than six feet,

Because I’m quite a light sleeper


The Present presents me with a thought to ponder:

Are we fond, or something a little fonder?

My vocals came in late

For this new discussion,

Probably because I was busy

Playing guitar, bass and percussion,

For this reason, the Present must be left behind,

I need someone to stimulate my body

But most importantly, my mind


Usually I’ve thought the Possible

Would be really hard to find,

But then I realized that I’ve done all the paperwork

And it just needed to be signed,

The attack of the butterflies was swift and heady,

For the first time in a while,

My heart felt needy,

I looked at the Possible with the newest of eyes,

So difficult now to keep my love in disguise,

I hope that our fates may soon align

And join us up like a suture,

So the Present can become the Past,

And the Possible become the Future


One response to “19. The Past, The Present and The Possible

  1. Awesome poem Kurt!!..love the pics you used..lv from all the family at home..xx

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